Uganda Cultural Adventure-The “Unofficial Ambassador” Trails!

Relish in an enriching aspect to your African experience with 1000 Shades of Green’s Culture and Arts Trails.
A trip to Uganda is beyond wildlife or scenery. The real face of our country is found among the combined faces of Uganda’s culture .it is the people who bring the destination to life; each of our landscape has a different cultural significance to a different community. These versatile cultural trails offer our clients insights into ancient historical, artistic and cultural expressions, practices and compositions that have endured for millennia --and that make Uganda uniquely, the “Pearl of Africa.” The Ugandan people are the real pearls in the pearl of Africa-Uganda.

Uganda is no different while some may argue that most tourist visit Uganda to experience only our famous Gorillas, famous wildlife, Source of the River Nile; the truth is that for the visitors, the experience of our culture is what makes their stay so special.
cultural tours in Uganda
1000 Shades of Green offers an experience of different tribal settings whose cultural values have been cherished and practiced for generations. All our cultural tours will begin with Buganda cultural trail.
These packages offer visits to, and experiences of:
- Traditional healing practices
- Cultural sites
- Cultural entertainment
-  Traditional cultural dressing
- Village walks
- Traditional weddings
- Handcrafting
- Traditional Art Making
- A Traditional food buffet experience
- An option to learn about traditional rites of passage. 

Our cultural trails are designed to build an appreciation of Ugandan culture, and not simply put it on display, thereby creating cross-cultural dialogue. Our patrons become ambassadors for Uganda when they return, and the Ugandan communities they encounter become ambassadors for our patrons’ respective countries in Uganda. We only work with community development initiatives that are beneficial to our visitors and hosts. Our strategy is aimed at guiding the integration of heritage and cultural resources into mainstream tourism and raise awareness of heritage and cultural resources

We have designed three specific Cultural Trails: