Community Outreach

Community OutreachWhile it’s obvious that leading world-class tours and safaris is at the forefront of our business focus, 1000 SGTS has numerous layers that serve as the foundation for carrying out our business model and values. In an attempt to continue to connect with the Ugandan community and to understand justice issues that affect society, we involve ourselves in several community projects to not only give back, but to remain on an equal plain within the areas we operate.
Kitenge Africa Foundation
Kitenge Africa Foundation has partnered with 1000 Shades of Green Tour & Safaris with an aim of assisting the vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Uganda. Whenever you or a friend takes a safari with 1000 Shades of Green, you indirectly support these children because up to 40% of the proceeds received from the safari goes back to Kitenge Africa Foundation.

About Kitenge
Kitenge Africa Foundation (KAF) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization; Reg. (Cert. No.CEN/430) based in Kampala, Uganda, East Africa. Kitenge Africa Foundation was started with the aim of assisting the vulnerable and disadvantaged, primarily children. It is founded on Christian principles but is committed to assisting the vulnerable and disadvantaged regardless of belief.
Kitenge is a Swahili word for the bright and colorful African cloth preferred by mothers to wrap babies and carry their children.  Kitenge represents warmth, security and comfort and yet is still bold and innovative which is why it was chosen as the name. For more information about donating, programs or how to get involved please: